Propagation House Residential Studio

Nestled in the glorious North Cornwall countryside is Propagation House. I’ve been working with the owner, Mark, to revamp and rejuvenate this well loved and established recording retreat.

The studio is made up of a control room, 2 live rooms and a dead room.

The accommodation has 5 double en-suite bedrooms, a large farmhouse style kitchen and a conservatory (which is tied into the studio as the ‘extra live’ live room), which look out over a dreamy valley.

Outboard equipment – a hand picked selection of joy, featuring:
API, SSL, Great River, AML, Crookwood, JLM, Hairball, RME, Avalon, Focusrite, Yamaha, Drawmer, Universal Audio.
Custom built 10 channel AML 1073, with fader bank.
Revox B77 Mk2
Roland SRE-555

Microphones include the usual suspects (57s / 421s / U87s) plus:
AEA R88 – classic stereo ribbon
Soundfield 422B – multi-capsule surround sound
Sennhieser MD441 – incredible dynamic mic
4 x Oktava 219 – respected Russian engineering from the 90s
2 x Neumann KM140 – SDC cardioid version
Neumann TLM 103 & 170 – low noise, transformerless mics

Monitoring is a sweet dream:
Quested H208 on an MC2 amp
Unity Audio Rock mk2
All tied together by a Crookwood C3 relay switched and level matched controller. I really love it.
There are also some NS10s and some 1029As floating about as well.

I also have some pretty okay drums (DW / Premier / Zildjan), guitars/bass (Fender / Yamaha / Epiphone / Takamine), synths (MS20 / MS2000 / Nord), amps (Blackface Twin / Sound City 50) cabs (Marshall / Custom Built 4×12 & 2×12 with Celestion Vintage 30s / Leslie 760) and also a miscellaneous selections percussion.